Wallpaper FAQ

1 Why is there no sound after setting live photo as wallpaper?

The iPhone's live photo can only be viewed in the mobile phone album, or sent to the Weibo photo to support the sound playback. After setting the lock screen wallpaper, long press the screen is unable to play the sound.

2 What mobile phone can set live photo wallpaper?

Currently only iPhone6s / iPhone6s plus / iPhone7 / iPhone7 plus / iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 plus / iPhone X / iPhone XR / iPhone XS / iPhone XS Max and other models of Apple phones support setting live photo wallpaper, but only the lock screen can be set. And you need to press and hold the lock screen to have a dynamic effect.

3 Live photo wallpaper downloaded from APP, how to set up iPhone?

Setup Tutorial

4 In the album, no live photo effects?

In the mobile phone album to view the live photo wallpaper downloaded from the app, you need to press and hold the screen to display the dynamic effect.

5 After setting live photo wallpaper, there is no dynamic effect on the lock screen desktop?

1. Set live photo wallpaper to the home screen. At present, Apple's mobile phone only locks the screen to support live wallpaper dynamic effects, and the main screen does not support it.
2. When the wallpaper preview page is selected, the bottom selects [Still] or [Perspective]. Only when you select [Live Photo], you can set the live dynamic wallpaper, and the lock screen will have dynamic effects.