To be completed

1. Custom Wallpaper
2. Picture wallpaper
3. Hand-held subtitles
4. Clipboard
5. Exchange Rate Calculator


1. Video of album can be selected to make dynamic wallpaper.
2. Functions of New Dynamic Wallpaper
3. Functions of new incremental horn and ruler
4. New feature of shortcut collection
5. New feature of reusing user feedback
6. New feature of Query IP 
7. Flow statistics function optimization, increase manual zero clearing function
8. Advanced Edition User Configuration does not display check-in
9. Sensors Increase GPS Information
10. Increase the function of curve graph and preservation of history curve by decibel meter
11. Notification Center Quick Start Bar
12. Custom fonts
13. Custom Themes
14. Increase the function of sensor detection
15. Function of decibel meter
16. Advanced Edition Users Do not Display Check-in Red Spots
17. Adapt to iPad 2018
18. Today widget
20. Optimizing the Start-up Speed of App in the Case of Network Break
21. Repairing overlap of widget labels when customizing font size
22. Notification Center Components Increase the Function of Viewing Real-time Network Speed
23. UI interface optimization
24. Adding tutorials on the use of notification center components
25. Increasing User Feedback Function
26. Increase the function of intra-application switching language
27. Increase the function of signing in and receiving points for Advanced Edition
28. Velocity Measuring Function